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The Stories
Legolas vs. Figwit: The Ultimate Battle
The Elfie-Boys and Their BIG Egos
Legolas, Figwit, and the Liquor Cabinet of DOOM
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Here are summaries of the trilogy.

Legolas vs. Figwit: The Ultimate Battle: Introduces most of the characters. Legolas and Figwit are sick of each other, so they decide to have a battle of pranks to see who is the quintessential hunk (and who has better hair). Along the way Figwit picks up Sprite, and Legolas picks up Sake and Aldawen. These three ladies are their Kindly Readers, who basically help them out, and, in Sprite's case, become the Love Interest. *nudge nudge wink wink*
The Elfie-Boys and Their BIG Egos: The second installation of the Trilogy. Lord Elrond has gotten tired of the Elfie-Boy's egos; he thinks they are too big! So he forms and evil plan to turn the EBs fangirl's against them. He makes a love potion to make the fangirls turn against their EBs, and fall in love with the Twins and Glorfindel. It works. Sort of...
Legolas, Figwit, and the Liquor cabinet of DOOM: (not yet written) There's something odd about that liquor cabinet Sprite got for Figwit...