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Praise for unsung heros

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make these fics happen.
THANK YOU to Sprite for being my wonderful beta/editor! I'm amazed you were able to put up with me for so long.
THANK YOU to Sprite, Aldawen, Sake, and Seamoose for being my willing (or not-so-willing) fictims throughout all three stories.
THANK YOU to everyone who reviewed and submitted ideas for Ultimate Battle: jaffacake, tenshiamanda, Tintalle HalfHolbytla, GreyLadyBast, and Master of the Sword.
THANK YOU to Taraboriel, Mith-amrun, and Pineapple Princess for letting me play with you in cameos in the fics!
THANK YOU to Peter Jackson, for making the wonderful Lord of the Rings films which introduced us to Figwit!
And finally...
THANK YOU to JRR Tolkien for... everything.