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In which Seamoose aids Sprite in "snapping out of it".

Seamoose, with his amazing Boy Scout skills, had lit a campfire, and the group was gathered around it. Sake and Aldawen were holding Sprite tightly by the arms to keep her from launching herself at Seamoose again, and Figwit was staring glumly into the fire. Legolas paced restlessly by the trees. Eventually, Legolas came over and pulled Figwit away from the fire.

"We should go." He said in a low voice.

"Why?" asked Figwit.

"A shadow and a threat have been growing in my mind." Legolas answered. "Something draws near; I can feel it."

Figwit frowned. "What to you think it is?" he asked.

"I'm afraid there may still be some Elfie-Ninjas abroad." said Legolas. "The trees are thick around here; it would be easy for them to attack."

"I suppose you're right..." Figwit said. "But where would we go?"

"Back to Imladris, I guess." Legolas said doubtfully.

"Oh, yeah." Figwit said sarcastically. "What a great idea. Back to Rivendell. Back to Elrond. Back to the dude who BEWITCHED MY FANGIRL!!!!!!!!"

"Well, excuse me!" Legolas retorted. "It's a lot safer than a dark forest in the middle of the night!"

Figwit ran his hand distractedly through his hair. "Fine." he said finally. "I'm just a bit... erm, annoyed... with Elrond at the moment."

"I can understand that." Legolas said gently. "My fangirls are fine now, and I'm still furious. But look at it this way: Elrond made the potion. If anyone knows how to fix Sprite, it'll be him."

Thus decided, they now had to deal with how to get Sprite onto a horse. "If Sprite, Glorfindel, Elladan, and Elrohir were able to get Sake and me onto Bo- I mean, Caligula," Aldawen said, "then the five of us should be able to deal with one Sprite."

"Four of you." Seamoose corrected. "I refuse to go near that... that thing!"

Aldawen rolled her eyes. "Fine, the four of us."

It took about forty-five minutes to get Sprite onto her horse and duct tape her into place. In fact, it quite reminds me of the time my friends and I were coming back from seeing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at the theatre one night. It was snowing very hard, and we stopped by at the farm where my friend's horse was boarding so that my friend and her mom could put the horse in the barn. But nice little Delta didn't want to go in the barn, no he didn't! It took almost an hour to get him into the barn, yes it did, while my other friend and I got to sit in the freezing cold car playing games on the cell phone! But I digress.

Once Sprite was on the horse, Figwit and Seamoose got onto Caligula, and Legolas, Sake, and Aldawen got onto Leroy. And then the company made their way towards Rivendell.

They arrived mid-morning the next day. The moment Sprite was released from her duct tape bonds, she launched herself onto Seamoose; or at least tried to. Leroy *cough* "accidentally" got in the way.

"I am in you debt, my friend." Seamoose said solemnly, taking one of Leroy's tassels in his hands. Then he had to run because Sprite was trying to get at him again.

Legolas sprinted after Sprite, who was about to chase Seamoose into a wall. "I'M GONNA CRAAAAASH!!!" screamed Seamoose. He veered away at the last minute, and Legolas caught Sprite before she crashed. Holding her arms behind her back, Legolas led Sprite back over to Figwit and the rest. Sprite didn't mind, though: Seamoose had once more taken refuge behind Figwit.

"Let me go!" Sprite yelled, struggling against her captor.

"Sprite," Legolas said sternly. "I'll only let you go if you promise not to chase Seamoose."

"Not promising nothing." Sprite said sullenly. Legolas took a deep breath.

"Sprite, please." he said.

"Fine." Sprite spat. "Have it your way! I don't care! I'm just a poor young maid, trying to find my way through life!"

"Since when does she qualify as a 'poor young maid'?" Sake whispered to Aldawen. Aldawen giggled.

Legolas sighed and released his hold on Sprite's arms. She immediately flung her arms around Seamoose, and sighed in utter bliss.

"Oh dear Eru, why me??" cried Seamoose.

"I don't know." Figwit snapped. "Let's go inside." He quickly strode away. Legolas grabbed Seamoose's arm and followed. Sprite skipped happily along side, her arms still firmly wrapped around Seamoose's waist. Sake and Aldawen followed behind.

In the hallway, they met Elladan, Elrohir, and Glorfindel.

"Seamoose, come here." Legolas said. "Guys, this is Seamoose. Seamoose, this is Elladan, Elrohir, and last, but most definitely not least, Glorfindel."

Seamoose looked at the Elves in awe. He was getting to meet all these amazing Elves.. Figwit, Legolas, the Sons of Elrond, and Glorfindel, for Pete's sake! The fanboy within him was stirring. Seamoose tore himself out of Sprite's grasp, and began grovelling on the floor, crying, "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm not-"

"Oh, get up, get up, you're worthy!" Figwit said. The moment Seamoose was back on his feet, Sprite latched herself onto him again.

"Moosie." she crooned happily.

"Oh, Eru!" cried Seamoose. "Now she has a pet name for me!" Figwit pulled Seamoose and his new limb down the hall. Legolas followed, and Sake and Aldawen came to walk on either side of him.

"Hey Elladan," Sake said casually as she passed him. "Elrohir."

"Cool!" Elladan exclaimed when they had passed. "It looks like Sake and Aldawen aren't under the effects of the potion anymore!"

"But now it looks like Sprite is." Glorfindel remarked sadly.

"But Sake and Aldawen aren't!" rejoiced Elrohir.

"But... Sprite is!" Glorfindel said. "And it looks like she's in love with Seamoose!"

"Who cares?" cried the Twins. "We're free!" And they skipped off to the wine cellars to celebrate.

In his study, Elrond made a rather frustrating discovery. He was washing all the pots and test tubes and such that he had used in his potion making in the last few days, and realized that he had mixed the anti-hangover potion and the love potion in the same pot. And he hadn't washed the pot between making the different potions.

"Shoot." the Elf lord muttered. "Shoot shoot shoot." He paused, and added, "Bang bang bang." But he knew that his clever plan was not going to turn out the way he wanted it to.

Let me take you into Elrond's planning. You see, the love potion was not supposed to wear off. It was supposed to effect the victim forever. But residue from the anti-hang over potion was still in the pot when he had mixed the love potion, and that got mixed in with the love potion. So, because the anti-hang over potion makes hang overs go away, the residue that was mixed in with the love potion would eventually make the effects of the love potion go away. So you see why our Elf lord was distressed.

Back in Figwit's room, they were trying to figure out what to do about Sprite until the potion wore off, which they hoped it would soon. Not surprisingly, as Sprite was being kind-of annoying. But surprisingly, Seamoose was not helping the situation.

"You know," he said thoughtfully, looking down at the brown-haired fangirl who had her head on his shoulder. "having my own fangirl might not be that bad..."

"Seamoose..." Figwit said in warning. The fanboy paid no attention.

"Hey, Sprite," Seamoose said, putting his arm around her shoulder.

"Mmm?" said Sprite, looking up into his eyes.

"You're extremely attractive." Seamoose told her.

"I know." Sprite said. And then Seamoose kissed her.

It lasted for a total of 2.67 seconds. Then Sprite's eyes got really big, and she pulled away, screaming.


"Sprite?" said Seamoose, a question in his eyes.

"Oh, Figsie!" cried Sprite, throwing herself at Figwit's feet. "Will you ever forgive me! I'm so sorry!"

Figwit looked down at the girl, who was gazing up at him with her large blue eyes. She looked so small, so sad...

Figwit pulled Sprite to her feet and hugged her tightly. "Elrond's a jerk." he said. "It wasn't your fault."
And fireworks exploded in the background.

Chapter Eleven